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March 2016

PS-Tech is pleased to announce that the PST Base HD and the PST Iris HD optical trackers are now available.

Compared to our standard optical trackers, the HD versions of our optical trackers offer an even wider measurement volume, an even higher accuracy and a higher refresh rate. The refresh rate can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

The PST Base HD is specially designed to track in a desktop or simulator setup while the PST Iris HD is designed to track large areas.

The first HD units have already been shipped to our customers.

PS-Tech also develops custom solutions for those customers with special requirements. Contact us with your inquiries and we will respond with our best solution to your use case.


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October 2015

New HD versions of our two optical trackers (PST Iris and PST Base) will soon be released.

These HD trackers will meet the needs of our most demanding customers:

  • Resolution: up to 1280x1024 
  • Frames/second: up to 200  

The HD trackers provide a wider field of view and an even higher accuracy.

In case your computer is not powerful enough to support the HD trackers, we offer the PST Cortex, an external processing unit.

Preorders for the PST Iris HD and the PST Base HD are taken as of October 2015.

For further information, please contact us

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September 2015

The PST Base optical tracker is now explained in a new product video.

This video complements all the information available about the PST Base.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us.




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July 2015

PS-Tech is pleased to announce that High Definition versions of both the PST Base and the PST Iris optical trackers will soon be released.

With this release, and in order to meet our customers' needs, PS-Tech now offers 4 different tracking systems, suitable for a wide range of use cases.

For further information and preorders, please contact us.

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PS-Tech opened a demonstrator space in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

To facilitate PS-Tech's (medical) clients and partners we are pleased to have a demonstrator space at EmTrac in Maastricht, next to the academic hospital AZM.

If you are interested in a (live) demo please contact us.


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Product News

PST Base

The PST Base is the tracker for near field and small spaces

The PST Base is the successor to succesful PST55/110 series. The design and speed of the PST Iris in a tracker with a base of only 20 cm

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Company News

New Staff Members

PS-Tech welcomes 3 new staff members. Erwin Goris, Martijn Liem and Mayssara Telhine have strengthend the Amsterdam office

PS-Tech has challenging internship positions available for Bachelor and Master students. Candidates are invited to contact PS-Tech


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